Comment: yeah, it's like I truly don't get people who get hung up on

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yeah, it's like I truly don't get people who get hung up on

BS legalese, AS IF these lunatics actually even follow what they themselves their donors' thinktanks/legal aides sent by them even 'legislate'

I still can't believe there are those on DP who actually are still under the impression that just because the Ruling Class assholes call it "State of Emergency" it's NOT "martial law" when it looks like one, quacks like one, and murders like one.

Pardon y'all: it used to be that I'd debate anyone, however many times, for however repetitive a topic already addressed, but seriously, at this juncture in history, if you're on DP and still think we actually live in a society where govt terrorist assholes actually do what they were elected to do, and at all levels of 'law enforcement' they carry out the law to the letter 'as intended' I truly don't have the patience to debate you point by point.

Denial, why does it still persist?

Oy veh.

PS. as for the specifics of 'protection plea' that is precisely ground zero in their minds, to justify all that they do. Literally, these days you're ONE PHONECALL away from a pissed off neighbor simply calling "I'm bothered by my neighbor, I'm scared of what he may do: he MAYBE a drugdealer" LIE to close to a lie, away from being possibly murdered by Delta Force wannabe douchebags.

It's like you get a bad plumbing contractor and complain, you don't risk losing your life!

Call a cop, talk to a cop, you're ALWAYS, literally risking your life.

It's like, WHEN the FRAK are Americans ever gonna wake up to the fact that you have 2nd Amendment and committees of safety and local militia SO THAT you don't have to have an armed body of "King's Men"/praetorian guards to lord over you???!!!

Until that attitude changes in society, at the core, I'm afraid we'll be stuck with military political police force, no matter how 'small' a minarchist govt we may or may not get in my lifetime. though of course, if I had my druthers, we wouldn't have ANY state, at all.

But, I'm under no illusions; while the goal of ultimate human evolution SHOULD be, to grow out of the delusion that you can EVER have a benign institutionalized group of men/women with monopoly on initiation of force and theft and murder, ie. the State, the Leviathan, but I 'get' that we're not likely to truly ever reach such Stateless-ness where every human born would naturally, generationally harness the reality that they own themselves, anytime soon, though it'd be immensely nice.

Still, like all human freedoms, gotta keep taking it/demand it/exercise it AS IF it has ALWAYS belonged to you natively, generationally, and make sure we keep teaching it, before it becomes a naturally accepted de facto societal culture.

Here's to that day: hopefully, soonish. lol.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul