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I don't care what some

I don't care what some ficticious wizard floating around in the ether thinks. You would be vastly better off with my standard for what is reasonable. My version of reason is natural law and non-aggression principal. Period.

It is in every way superior to the garbage they peddled in the bible.

8 out of 10 commandments in the bible are unconstitutional. All of them use unjust force. Two of them expressly set a double standard and the ruling class is exempt from having to follow them.

The bible is a monarchy where the king does not need to follow laws, spies on everyone in a 100% surveilance state, his subjects have no rights and any who question or do not "love" their ruler are locked in a cage, granted imortality just so that they can be tortured forever. Its sadistic, medival garbage and if you believe it, you're either terrified, compartmentalized, dumb or just don't think too hard about it.