Comment: Great catch, thanks Michael

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Great catch, thanks Michael

Ever wonder what stopped the View Nam War?

I've watched the full movie on the net but couldn't find it just now.

Also, the 'officers' commanding the platoons also started being shot by 'snipers' at an ever increasing rate. Some suggested it was 'fragging' but I never saw any follow up.

It's called, where the rubber meets the road.

EDIT: For the record, I was subject to the draft but it had been turned into a lottery system by then and wasn't picked. I never went to a protest and thought those that ran to Canada were cowards.

Today, I would be on the FRONT LINES of a protest and think those that wouldn't fight are heroes.

All I used my draft card for was to 'smudge' the number a bit on the year so I could 'legally' purchase things a little sooner than my real age allowed. ;)