Comment: Ooh, I'm so envious! I make

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Ooh, I'm so envious! I make

Ooh, I'm so envious! I make homemade fruit wine from backyard grown pie cherries and peaches, but the hot and humid SE Va climate doesn't allow me to grow any decent wine grapes. I've made grape wine from kits, some of which are excellent, but I wish I could grow my own.

Multiple rackings and patience are the keys to clarification. I rack all wine at least twice. The wine kits come with a clarification agent that you add after the first rack. For the fruit wines I add a little pectin enzyme. Let the wine sit a little longer than the recipe calls for after the last racking and be careful when siphoning into bottles and your wine should display a pleasant clarity.

Also, be careful, once racked into a carboy, that you store your wine in a dark place as most spoilage organisms need sunlight.

Good luck and cheers!

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