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Thanks RPW

Usually the gardens are nice, but with 1/2 - 3 inches of rain literally every other day (135 days on record so far) and sometimes for days on end from March up until about two or three weeks ago for the entire summer, nothing fared very well and it was literally impossible to keep up with the weeds, grass growth, and water diseases. I'm talking massive deluges daily with rivers through the yard. Just wet, wet, and more wet all summer. It was the rainiest year I have ever experienced in my entire lifetime. Most around here say the same.

The last tally was between 70 and 80 inches this year so far with three months to go. Normally we get 45 - 50 in an entire year, so that puts us at about double what is normal.

Summer is almost gone and it has just finally dried up for the last couple weeks.