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The Greek translation

of the word repented is metanoeo, meta "after," implying change," and noeo, "to perceive," nous, "the mind, the seat of moral reflection" hence signifies to change one's mind or purpose. So repentance is not continuing that same behavior over and over and never changing our course of action. Repentance is actually the action of not continuing to do the sin which we are doing. Many people feel that repentance is just committing the same sin over and over and just feeling bad and praying about it, and you are saved, this is not the case. It is not to say God does not know our struggles, in fact there were times in the Bible Jesus was tempted and did not sin. The only way you can stop sinning is if you allow God to rule your life, it is impossible otherwise. Repentance is changing the course of our actions. You cannot repent if God doesn't come first, you will never be able to stop sinning on your own. I always recommend people read their Bible alongside a Strong's Concordance which gives the translation of every word in the Bible and their original meaning. It is actually very interesting and really helps decipher the whole Book. Words you look up will move you all around the Bible and really make you to understand how much it truly confirms itself. It was written in parables for a reason, so only the one's who diligently spend time with the Lord will understand it. God wants to hang out with the people He knew here on earth, as weird as that may seem.

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