Comment: Right to Work laws are missing the mark

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Right to Work laws are missing the mark

These are laws are just a way around the absurb other laws surrounding unions.

The laws that should be removed or changed are those compelling a business to recognize and contract with a union to begin with. Then if a business freely contracts with a union for labor and they agree what jobs will be union jobs then that is their right to do so. If someone doesn't agree with that then to bad. IF you don't like this condition of employment go somewhere else. You don't have the right to force the business to use non-union labor for a job they want union labor.

However, if a business is forced by law to recognize and compelled to contract with a union for labor then these right to work laws have merit since the union is interfering with contracting between an individual and a business. In this circumstance the condition of employment was created by law not the business and is wrong. So another law is needed to somewhat fix this problem but the root is the orginal law compelling a business to contract with a union they may not want to contract with.