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Instead of albums there are you-tubes.

People already know the songs and they want to sing along, so to speak.

Or they are taking the time to explain to their neighbor.

I wonder how many enthusiastically visited with Ron on the campaign trail, in 2007-8 2011-12.

Maybe they didn't want yet another Mass held in quite respect.

We'all enjoyed starting of on our campaign for liberty. I'll bet they did, also.

How many venues did we 'raise the roof'?

From the troubled waters of Lake Michigan to California college campuses, the Big Sky of Texas and the Constitution Mall, we chanted to the heavens.

Dr. Paul chooses to be and example, not a leader. He leaves us free of his leadership and offers friendship.

Friends have fun together.

I was listening to Dr. Paul's lecture on tolerance at DePauw University.

This was me trying to understand tolerance through empathy. ;-)

Free includes debt-free!