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One point

colectivism is dictatorship.

Let me get this straight, those roads acording to you belong to me. Well you say WE. But I have not entered into a agreement or contract to own part of any road and you nor anyone else can prove ownership of said roads. Sounds like one more of many false claims over my private sovereign life.

Who makes those rules that you clain represents the owners of that road (WE)?
Let me answer: A few puppet criminals that work for a Crime family that uses these rules to slave and control to subvert my individual soverenty. A group of criminals that use false national debts and corupt counterfeit money to make these same claims when stealing my property.

Dont tell me a free man that you have the right to restrict my free travel by false claims of property that you do not own. This can not come to a good end.

The point is I do not own them roads. Certianly the term we does not include me. If I own some road or part owner I want my proof of ownership.