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My Friends

There will always be forms of collectivism in any society. Yes, even ones that are completely liberated and free of governmental collusion. When people live together they are going to build things that are for the mutual benefit of their village, town, city or whatever.

For example, the people living in a village close to a river that often floods may decide to construct a dyke in order to protect their property; their homes, crops, etc. That dyke then belongs collectively to the people of that village. Or at the very least, it belongs to those who constructed it and/or paid for its construction. It is not everybody's dyke, it's private property of the people of that village. They get to decide what the rules for its use will be.

In exactly the same way, the roads in my city belong collectively to me and my neighbors. They are not everybody's roads, they are our roads. We paid for their construction and they are our property. We decide what the rules for their use will be. If you don’t live and pay taxes in my city, you have no say. We allow anyone to use our roads under the condition that you abide by our rules. We have the right to protect ourselves and our property. Don’t like our rules? Don’t use our property.