Comment: No phonebloks due to fascism.

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No phonebloks due to fascism.

Which is why the narrator says 'the right people' need to be on board. Because a few people, and not all the people ie the market (per Mises), control the decisions.

This sort of thing, like charger standards (which were later 'solved' by more government intervention but which will now doom the standard to stagnation) would be solved by the free market and solved better.

The reason it's not is that due to corporate protection, ie regulation and corporate taxes, (yes corporate taxes help corporations, I'll explain in another post if anyone doesn't understand), tariffs, IP law, EM BAND LICENSURE etc etc limit the ability of entry into the market. The reason the few allowed market players get away with this practice, and similar ones like locking you into contracts, is because there are so few market actors.

This phonebloks seems like a good idea. In a free market good idea's will have a chance to find capital. No present player could stop a good idea if it's good.

In fascism market activity is tightly controlled, if via subtle methods. Not only good ideas are stopped, just having an idea is discouraged.

Fascism suffers all the flaws of socialism, but they have more subtle effect and slower. Means of production is nominally privately owned in fascism, but is practice this ownership and all private property ownership is subject to government control and ultimately subject to seizure.

Corporations themselves use government to become larger than is efficient, and Mises calculation argument applies. Without a market a large firm simply cannot calculate the best use of resources. It can try based on external market prices but it itself distorts those prices, and of course it's subject to human egos in position of power ignoring market signals.

To compensate for this ever increasing inefficiency corporations have to rely on ever increasing government propping up and protection from competition.

There's a reason we have corporations lasting centuries, and it's not because they are good or efficient. It's because they are protected like a boutique pet that could never survive on the street.

This has foreign policy implications. Since they cannot survive in the world market without the direct domestic protection they enjoy, they rely on the government wolfs to lay waste or threaten any foreign competition. We fight wars thus.

This has unemployment implications. The barriers to entry into any market activity, (try starting a business) prevent people who otherwise could become employers from doing so. Plenty of people have capital and an idea, but the added costs from government prevent it.

This drives down the supply of employers. This in turn drives down wages, and combined with various government doles and minimum wage laws (ie hard and soft minimum price controls) causes unemployment. Those controls are only called for in the first place because government has limited the supply of jobs. Simply, the reason the labor market doesn't clear is because of government. It is the result of government that wages are low and unemployment is high. It's because government protects corporations.