Comment: Most People Do Not Understand Russia

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Most People Do Not Understand Russia

Seriously, if you grew up during the Cold War, you were taught to hate the Russians because they were going to attack us. Now, if you were a Russian growing up in that same period, you were told the Americans were going to attack you. They practiced the same stupid hide under your school desk in case of a nuclear attack.
Russia had a terrible time under Stalin and Lenin without a doubt, and that era of Russia ended and Russia is what it is today.
Putin is Putin, but he does care about Russia and the Russian people. And anybody who has the balls to stand up to the US and bring forth Diplomacy and an alternative to WAR deserves some credit irregardless of many American's and their old brainwashed perspectives of Russia.
How do I know?? I have been to St. Petersburg Russia 4 times, have a Russian wife of 15 yrs. who is also a Naturalized US citizen, and have drank vodka and talked politics with the average Russian to understand what Russia is all about!!