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Bump for getting the news out

and your prayers.

Yes, I heard about this yesterday. I listen to all 3 hours everyday. This is definately one of the best, if not 'the best' alternative radio shows available.

Much of the info I post here has been derived from The Power Hour site. Without going into much detail, much of the info I've gleened from THP has definately saved my, and I'm sure many others lives.

I know how important that show is and I hope others here will check the show out so they may be able to come to know and appreciate such a treasure that is here, while it's here.

On a better note, I went into my personal (health) endeavor with great hope, little fear and near 100% certainty of recovery. That was the trust and faith I had in finding and using the herbal medicines that were talked about on the show.

So if you are reading this Joyce, because of what I said, I have great hope in your recovery. Because you have much knowledge and so many great tools available.

Please listen to the shows, so you may be able to get to know this fine lady. She has done sooo much for us and we still need her.

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