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Hey stonewall jackson

I have lost 2 sisters in law to cancer 49 & 55 years old.

Get this to Joyce

Iodine deficiency (according to Dr Brownstein)is with 96 percent of us. Causing fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, etc. Iodine is needed big time in the thyroid, breasts in women and prostate in men. Know anybody with problems in these areas?

Did you all know that (according to Dr Brownstein) that Chlorine (in drinking water and more), Bromine (in bread) and our favorite chemical (fluoride) compete with iodine in the body and kicks out iodine (their all in the family of halogens, check your periodic table)and they all cause trouble in the body. This satisfies my concerns with fluoride and bread (think problems with drinking water fluoride and for you wheat bellies out there). Bromine was added to dough as a conditioner in the 80s where iodine was used previously. So we lost an iodine source and it was replaced with bromine that is toxic and chases more iodine from the body.

In women it can start with tenderness in their breasts. Then it progresses to pain, then cysts, then tumors.

It's fixable. Let me know what Joyce says.