Comment: Strong Constitution Candidates!

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Strong Constitution Candidates!

I know times are tough any contribution would be grateful.

Manuel Martin, CA Assembly Candidates 9th District
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Manuel Martin is not a politician. In fact, he has never run for political office. He is a first generation American, a student of Austrian economic theory, and a freedom paramour currently working for Hewlett Packard as a mobile technical engineer. Manuel believes strongly in the Constitution and our nation’s heritage, propounding that it is imperative we embrace the Founder’s idea that the proper role for government, in a free society, is to protect life, liberty, and property.

Tim Donnelly, CA Assemblymember 33rd District and Candidate for Governor of California

Tim Donnelly - He is a Patriot not a Politicians!

Win back California

My platform provides a genuine alternative to the choices offered to voters in the past. Steadfast principles, widespread name recognition among conservative activists, and the ability to communicate with the problems of everday Californians offer a prime candidate for governor.