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You seem to equate neutrality

toward race to mean being "anti-white". But I am only "forcing" you to accept freedom of travel in the same way I am "forcing" Obama not to bomb Syria. "Forcing liberty" on someone is an oxymoron.

No one is allowed, morally, to enforce arbitrary anti liberty laws on anyone else, for any reason. If that is "forcing" something on you, you've got a strange notion of what "force" means.

"...that 'free market', to which you keep referring, has not been FREE for a long time."

Then why don't you join with we libertarians in trying to make it free? We can start by eliminating all restrictions on consensual commercial activities, such as restrictions on whom companies can hire or fire.

Honestly, why the racial obsession? If a white person chooses to rent a dwelling to or hire a brown person, how does that adversely affect you?