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I'll tell you Betty

After this first time, I'm sure I'll be visiting a wine making accessory store and massively expanding my inventory of equipment for simplifying the process.

When you grow what you make stuff out of, it makes it far more more fulfilling, much more desirable to do, and it seems it could be habit forming. Lol Not to mention a great way to utilize surplus.

So that leaves the apples, persimmons, watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, blackberries, raspberries.... All kinds of stuff to try. Although I do like pineapple ; )

I had some homemade dandelion wine 20 years ago in southern Ohio. The guy is long dead now that made it. Now that I have this down, I'm on a mission. I never was big on wine. But for never being a wine drinker, the homemade dandelion wine I had, I've thought of ever since.

I'll be picking lots of lawns clean. Lol