Comment: Your advice and wisdom are very sound

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Your advice and wisdom are very sound

We realize that it has only been successful once before against a high office in Arizona. But there are a lot of positive factors with timing right now that very well could prove a huge point to not only Az but the whole of Congress.

The biggest positive factor is that right now the extreme dislike for him is Bipartisan. The left will jump at the chance to get him out of office just because he has an R after his title. They will be the determining factor in numbers.

The GOP is just as pissed and are already concerting efforts to Rebuke him in many districts. I feel confident this will greatly affect the actions of Gov Brewer because she would feel she is next. I think she will tread lightly as soon as this looks credible.

We have to remember that this is not just an Arizona issue. The whole Country would be backing this with everything they can do to help. You can bet that just as soon as a recall effort is official it will only take a couple Tweets on Twitter to have National Contributions rolling in like crazy.

I'll bet no more than 2% of Az is backing McCain right now. This 2% are the corporate lobbyists and will have no one to buy in this. It is not an election so there will really be nowhere for them to spend their money except maybe commercials. Right now folks turn off the TV when it supports McCain in anyway at all.

The most important thing to point out is that one time Ron Paul supporters were told it would never happen. They did not listen and came just shy of getting him elected president. They may have lost the office but the statement made is still ringing louder everyday and starting to become the message that is turning this Country as we speak. They won a battle but we are winning the war.

In the end, the money, time and heartache has actually been very well worth the efforts everyone has put forth, The Country is waking up in the right direction because of it. So you are right the odds are very much against this effort but know what? It needs to be tried, The whole thing needs to be chipped at over and over until they hear the people. It is a bet I would gladly lose if it makes a difference.


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