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Nope. The first rule of politics is people forget

...people forget and get on with their lives. I remember thinking this is one that you can't forget. You always had that reminder, that awful reminder, in the NYC skyline.

To a younger generation it is perhaps hard to explain that we have not always been at war. We have not always had to take our shoes off at airports, like prisoners. It took a lot to get to where we are today, people cheering at drone attacks on Americans without a trial, giving up their rights to get the "terrorists." A couple of holes in two buildings would have been patched up and forgotten. But now everytime we ask "why are we doing this, submitting to this?" - a politician could point to the hole where something used to be, but it wasn't anymore.

And then that links to the images of that awful day, those poor people jumping, oh dear Lord those poor people. Some of them were on fire. And people on the ground were watching and crying, grown men crying, watching. And then they all died, all of them.

I'm still getting teary. But now I want the bastards who really did it.

Our Lord is mighty, and vengeance will be his. Oh yes it will come. But we can help drive them to the chopping block.

Release the Sandy Hook video.