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I strained and transferred it to a carboy today

It's still bubbling steadily. I figured all the mashing and pouring should have sufficiently oxygenated it to get it started in primary. It took off, really good too. Enough to crack the bucket lid between every clip tab on day two even with the vented airlock jar. Perhaps because I gradually acclimated the yeast to stronger and stronger concentrations of the must for about eight hours before pitching it? I don't know. I did that because I chose not to add any yeast nutrient either and it seems to be going like a champ.

I had read in a few places that over-oxygenation can produce negative effects, but then I've seen contradictory information too, and I'm not exactly trying for vintage Dom Perignon to be scrutinized by a taste-testing panel either. Lol. A bottle with some flavor to pass around with friends, take a few slugs off of, maybe enjoy a few glasses of around the house and catch a buzz will do.

Here's a few links I could re-track down related:

I'll try it sometime though anyway. There is so much info on brewing and fermenting, agreeing, and contradictory, that it almost seems when you find something that makes something good - go with it.