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doesn't take much to amaze you!

"Bld 7 being "pulled"? Still possible. Highly unlikely, but possible.

How about; Bld 7 burning down or collapsing from fire.
Not possible.
The Towers being pulled?
Silverstein admitted it and there is no other way the building could have come down @the speed of gravity unless all resistance was removed.
It's never happened anywhere in the history of the world before 9/11 and it's never happened again since 9/11.
Bush's brother had the ability to grant access. I doubt he knew all. The building was also completely powered down killing all security recordings, on several occasions, in the weeks prior to 9/11. Never happened in the history of the complex.
Now if you even open your mouth in rebuttal of this simple, self-evident, information, you're an ignoramus.