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actually your right... IT IS A CONTRACT.

It is a contract.. contract law applies.

That's why the State of Arizona, by statutory law, puts it before EVERY Candidate BEFORE the primaries begin..

In that way... if they DON'T sign
or declare that they will not comply,
it can become an ISSUE DURING their campaign that competing campaigns can draw the public attention to it and HAMMER them with it...
State and Federal candidates alike.

So.. having signed the contract with the People and Government of Arizona.. then breaching it... it would be nothing less than Fraud... a crime which they can be subpoenaed and tried against.

He will have literally DEFRAUDED the people of Arizona to gain their confidence to acquire their financial support, their votes and goodwill...
and would be therefore be LIBEL criminally as well as civilly
and would probably face a massive class action as well.

Good luck with that.