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Sorry for the incompleteness of the story - it's an insurance

policy against being arrested and rendered or something like that. 'They' must know that if I'm on the 'outside' I'll keep talking, adding information.

So here's another clue for them and everyone else - I won't know immediately when/if the first arrest is canceled, but I will know the reason it wasn't.

Why? Well first - as to the not knowing exactly when the 'signal' was sent out indicating that the first 'go' was botched, scrapped, or straight-up cancelled, this is so the identity of neither the senator or congressman to be arrested, or the individuals sent to arrest them, can be revealed by me and my revalations, intentionally or inadvertently. There is a random time gap of 1-3 weekdays between when the 'signal' is sent out and when I eventually receive it, plus the amount of time it takes for me to find it in the secret email account and decode it.

And how will I know which reason it was not - cold feet, cancellation due to scheduling conflict, devastating failure resulting in an automatic 'mayday' signal being sent out that only the arrestors could have stopped, indicating that they themselves have been detained, or a few others? This will come from nearly 10 year-old malware software from the pop-up ad days that monitors credit card activity and sends it to the email address. The dollar amount of the transaction is the code that tells me, as the biographer, for various reasons we debated as a group at length, which it was not. However, I may eventually learn what it was in the future so stay tuned!

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