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Sue4the bil of lrights

Dude .. I commend you .. This is the most important issue in the history of the world .. I am an engineer and work with engineers that should no engineering ..But it doesn't matter they don't believe and will not believe no matter what i show them .. I think it is obvious ..they can not and will not get over the fact of the government saying the truth so it is truth it is like the government is god the young guys i work with know 9/11 is bs the old guys can not wake from there slumber .. all i get is ridicule .... they are so ignorant .. There thinking is so controlled they can not "think" anymore .. It is so hard i blame it on the people r nowadays are stupid lemmings they r lazy or just afraid i can't figure it out .. but i will keep trying .. Americans r fat dumb and lazy ... they r afraid they are set in there life is good ways nothin will change .. they don't know history