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Comment: They cant fathom the

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They cant fathom the

They cant fathom the opposition, in the face of an ever growing voice shouting as loud as one proverbalaly can, JUST to consider NO WAR, what do they do?

They turn the the conversation into, how hard or pin prick they should strike........

If the "opposition" does not give them pause on this, then they should be FIRED

The more they ignore, sweep asside, that JUST, the more the JUST from the PEOPLE turns into a DEMAND from the do not talk on things of war, until you have decided wethr to go to war, you do not call through MSM for WAR, until the people see's one as JUST, in SELF DEFENCE.......when they speak of war, and their planned actions, they have decided it FOR US, for that is what it means in this day and age, with mainstream media influencing so many peoples decisions these days, where is the accountability of one person whose sole goal is to manufacture a "play" whose sole purpose is to influence the masses to call for war, or sevral folks doing there bit, realising or not, how the hell do they think that was gonna affect those opposed to war, being exposed to the msm narrative, and seing by contrast, that the opposition was nowhere to be found, or being willfully surpressed by slander, mockery, speaking over, interrupted.......i will say though, this time round, we've had a few beacons of light shine through, such as this lady........i gotta memorize her name dammit :)