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Your right, theres nothing

Your right, theres nothing on that she says i agree with, no wait, there is

I dont know all her beliefs and i dont know if i'd gree with her on everything, but the few thing i agree with her on, i think she nails perfectly, and she is a new source of information to learn and digest in what she knows to the slumberred and awakening, in what is a sense, a heart, liberty influenced
I hope, HOPE, that the things she knows and see's will not be influenced by, greed, power, manipulation, war mongering agenda, i get the feeling she understands this, and i get the feeling she is in a position to recognise them in her heart and not succumb, that is what i look for, that understanding of it, seing it in their words and actions, and we know our pickings are slim in this regard, what i see her as is, a possibility......not a, i will support her completely over one or two interviews, she has to keep it, follow it, and understand it.........i think in terms of years, untill im in my grave essentially, i may like her today, but wether i like her by the time im in my grave, is up to her, in what she says, what she does, and how she keeps it......hell, i dont particularly know nor trust putin, but in one argument, i can agree with him, this is not about the person, but what is being discussed, when that same person says something you disagree with, i expect you to disagree with and so shall i, if its complete opposite to the ideals of liberty, i do not see hypocrasy in supporting a person on one argument then disagreing with in the next, unless that thing you dont agree with, is BEYOND the opposite of librty, for instance, like a war mongerers mentality of an OFFENSIVE war as a tool of CONTROL