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There are always going to be

There are always going to be a small portion of individuals that will be able to think for themselves no matter where they are. Those are the same type heroic been written by Ayn Rand in her works. No matter how much the system tries to suppress and educate them, they will never take an answer without questioning. We have them in American, and America attracts them to come here over last 200 years.

Yet, there are also plenty people that migrated here and don't understand why?! They are here because everyone says that American is great and a place you can get rich and good life. But, why and how is it you can achieve something great here, but can't at your own homeland?! Many of them don't ask and will never know why. They will simply take the answer whatever been told. Their mind choose the lazy road.

However, higher percentage of immigrates get it is because they have experienced more harsh realities than any American. Their experience help them to identify lies. They had to learn common sense for survival. As John Galt implied, common sense and morality has to be relearned, in primitive way.