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you need to make it clear whose position that is--

before anyone can understand what you are saying--

perhaps there are few 'peoples' in the world whose non-negotiable position is not to kill some other 'people'--

there are exceptions; I would argue that most third world countries are not trying to kill someone else--

but even if it is economic exploitation, most 'developed' countries are hugely successful in killing others--

the answer, if it can be honestly done, is fair trade--

perhaps, until all human beings see all other human beings as their 'brothers/sisters' there will be no safe place for anyone--

but in the meantime, I am trying to understand your position.

Nobody is totally innocent; there were 'bad guys' among the native Americans and the African Americans--

but when they were almost entirely abuse, exploited, destroyed--

when their life expectancies were/are so terribly low and their mortalities and infant mortality were so high--

who was behind that and why?

And I forgot to mention that the British 'legal' system, operated by high-ranking British elites--

made an earnest attempt for centuries to destroy Ireland and the Irish--

how many of the impoverished Europeans who had survived the horrors of working class (and below) England and other British nations--

to come to America--

exploited the native Americans and the African Americans--

or mistreated the Asians on the West coast?

Does anyone ever learn his/her lesson? Or do most people not care as long as they have enough (or too much) to eat?

Until human beings take literally Jesus' admonition to 'do unto others as you would have others do unto you'---

this nightmare is not going to end--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--