Comment: Can you please point me to the Official Theory?

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Can you please point me to the Official Theory?

A good theory is general, parsimonious, and falsifiable.
General - It should apply to a wide range of phenomena.
Parsimonious - It should use a minimal number of assumptions, steps, or conjecture.
Falsifiable - Logically capable of being able to be proven false.

I asked for an Official Theory, but of course there is none. The UN has produced several 'assessments', but NO ONE or Group has ever published an actual Theory.

AGW is at best Special. It describes the only area in nature where Radiation is a more efficient means of transferring energy than Convection where the two mediums exist together.

It is at best very liberal in the number of assumptions, steps, and conjectures.

Without repeatable experiments and access to data, it is at best NOT falsifiable.

What say you?