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Wood is the one who thinks that the twin towers were destroyed by a disintegration ray from outer space. I'm not making that up.

I hadn't heard about the hurricane (a ha!) so I looked. Here's Wood's own page about it:

As for "non-mention" she's posting CNN articles, so that's hardly a non-mention. It was a hurricane a few days before 9/11 but by 9/11, as often happens, it had weakened to a strong storm. High waves were predicted for parts of the east coast. The diagram on her own page (Fig 14) shows it not near NYC. The path it follows is unremarkable as far as I can tell. Google for hurricane tracking maps and you'll find many that follow a very similar track.

So to summarize, on 9/11 an unremarkable storm far out at sea, with no effect on New York other than higher than normal waves, received the sort of coverage you'd expect from mainstream media considering what else was going on that day.