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Actually, I was playing

Actually, I was playing around with my multimeter(Uni-T brand) and aimed the probes at the bulbs in my ceiling light which is CFL. I had it on the frequency measure and it picked up a whole range of khz frequencies.
In all seriousness though, I looked up the schemtics and I am suprised that they use a switching power supply for the bulbs. Basically they rectify the AC to DC and then turn that on and off at a high frequency and run it through a small transformer and into the bulbs. After looking at a bit more, this helps to smooth out flickering and that sort of thing. I am sure that the actual switching frequency is tuned in some way to better use the bulb, but I didnt bother looking into it.
So no, not a radio, just alot of engineering that could only have come about with the solid state electronics we have today.
Interesting thought though, I am not sure an EMP would destroy the filament in the old bulbs as thats mostly what it is.(might get it to pop, but I am not sure). An EMP would certainly destroy the CFL bulbs though since they have that circuitry and solid state components. Depending on the ratings of the components, I am sure there is a difference in the reaction to current surges as well. Would have to look that up.

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