Comment: CO2 is not a Green House Gas

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CO2 is not a Green House Gas

The entire premiss of the Green House Effect and/or Anthropogenic Global Warming is severely flawed.

Calling a reduction in the emissivity of a planet's surface or atmosphere a Green House Effect is like calling gravity the Magnetism Effect. Increasing an object's mass does not increase its Magnetism.

The video gets that part correct. What it does not address is CONVECTION. It also does not address the elasticity of the Atmosphere. The Earth's atmosphere is not static. You can see this in the height of the Tropopause at the Equator 18 kilometers, and at the poles 6 km. Increasing the volume of the atmosphere decreases the Temperature. It also does not address Latent Heat of Vaporization. It also does not address the Specific Heat of the Oceans, Land, and Atmosphere.

I always smile when I see a 'basic' explanation of AGW. These are not Fundamental observations, they are basic in an undeveloped way.

I would love to debate the presenter in the video, so you know who it is? Perhaps you know the material well enough to defend it?