Comment: People are different.

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People are different.

I'm not implying or suggesting anything.
I'm saying exactly what I mean.

People are different.
Equal before the law? Yes. Equal before Judgement? Yes.
But NOT the SAME.

Generations of evolution and adaptation have given us different physiologies and brain chemistries that cause people of different genotypes to respond differently, physically and psychologically, to environmental stimuli.
This does not mean that any one is inferior or superior to another.
It means that, we place different values on different activities.

NonWhite immigrants, entering Europe and the United States, have had just as much time in their own homelands to develop societies. In spite of that, the nations of Europe and the United States are more attractive to them.

NonWhite immigrants are so attracted to the societies of Europe and the United States, that they have left their own homelands by the millions to live, AS MINORITIES, in White founded countries.

White people are the foundation of Western civilization, our house.
When its foundation is undermined, a structure falls.