Comment: Uniform-length steel

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Uniform-length steel

Wouldn't it be funny if, when they built the building, rather than beams of random lengths they tended to use lots of beams of uniform lengths? Crazy idea, I know, but hear me out ... maybe they thought that using lots of beams of the same length would make it easier to design the building, and easier to build, than using lots of different random lengths. And then as long as we're making wild speculations, what if the designers specified beams with square ends. Why? Who knows. Maybe they thought things would fit together better. And what if instead of magical welding that is stronger than steel, they used ordinary welding. Then when the building was ripped apart maybe the welds would tend to give way first, and ...

Naah. That's craaaaazy.

If you didn't exist to make the truther movement look silly, someone who desperately wants to avoid another investigation would invent you.