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Please define "healthcare" and "lack of"

All too often, people use such phrases to conjure emotional responses rather than engage in rational discussion.

Please show me any statistics - from any or all of the several States, which quantifies how many people have died from "lack of healthcare."

I would posit, if ANY one has, the number is infinitesimal compared to any other cause of death, and I don't see any effort (thank God) to socialize the rest of the country and the various industries to "address" deaths from those other causes.

Also, please do not confuse "healthcare" with "health insurance." The two are not even remotely the same. One is a service, the other, a way to pay for that service. Not being able to afford health insurance, or more aptly, not having it paid on your behalf and given to you BY OTHERS, is NOT the same as 'lack of healthcare' by a mile.

In contrast, when healthcare itself is "free" and "available to all" allegedly, you will see MORE people dying precisely because some bureaucrat deems them too expensive to keep alive, and in fact DENIES them access to healthcare, than when it is operated as a for profit enterprise. And in such a scenario, it is usually illegal to even attempt to pay for the care yourself, or provide care through private payment.

Thus more people die under socialist health systems because it is too expensive, than under capitalist systems. And to compound the "unfairness" of the matter, in a socialist system - you die because some asshole bureaucrat said so, not because you can't afford the treatment. Even if you could afford it - you have to die anyway - because said jackass has "authoriti" over your life and that of all doctors and nurses.