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That might just illustrate

That might just illustrate everything thats wrong with the US.
Instead of talking about what could trigger a third world war, people care more about sports and everything in their little worlds.

I think what many people lack here in the US is perspective. The US is insulated in many ways from what goes on elsewhere in the world and in many cases, things that happen require time to have their effects filter in and be felt. This means that most people end up not seeing how stuff could really effect their lives all that much because effects of events that do occur are not immediatly forth coming and happen more slowly.
People end up caring caring mostly about what happens in their day to day lives rather than an event off in the world whose effects will only be felt graudally or not at all.
Compare this to many places in the world where when something happens, effects are felt almost immediately. After all, Europe, Asia, etc all are basically next door neighbors while the US is separated by two oceans.
So what all this comes down to is that when an event occurs(or might occur) somewhere in the world, that might actually have an instaneous effect on people in the US, many of them fail to recognize it for what it is and take it seriously.
That is changing thankfully I think. Since the coming of Ron Paul and the fact that people are starting to realize their place in the world isnt as stable as they thought, many are starting to care what happens elsewhere. Still have a long way to go though.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.