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You've never worked in an ER apparently, or in hospital

adminstration. You have no concept of what things cost to provide, or WHY they cost that much.

Try making friends with people who work in an ER or hospital admin. Engage them in conversation as to why things are the way they are. Your eyes will be opened.

ER stands for EMERGENCY ROOM. It is not designed for a "doctor's visit." The ER ins't your "GP." (that's General Practitioner)

If you visit the ER, and all you got was what you could have gotten at a walk-in-clinic, or your average GP, then YOU SCREWED UP and went to the ER when it was NOT an emergency.

"Basic healthcare" doesn't come from an ER. "Basic healthcare" is called FIRST-AID and it is YOUR responsibility to know it and how to apply it.

If you have a tummy ache, or a minor cut, your butt shouldn't be in the ER. A compound fracture that you can't stop the bleeding on? Okay, sure, stroll on in.

One last thing, you'll be shocked to find out one of the reason for long ER waits, and high ER prices, is that the vast majority of people you see waiting with you, are there ROUTINELY. NO ONE has routine emergencies—NO ONE.

You'll also be shocked to learn that a not insignificant number of ER visitors are not only regulars, they essentially are there because they have no social life—seriously. This is where they meet people, visit, and get to have conversations. Otherwise, they'd be stuck on their couch or their recliner.

Now, go chat up a nurse and have your eyes opened.