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I don't see what he's arguing. I couldn't find a definition of the "anomaly plot" he's using. Are you talking about the videos that show the ice area growing and shrinking, or is there another that I missed where he explained it?

In the one here:
in the description he says

After staring at the graphs above you think you understand what is happening as ice gradually shrinks away. Well the high speed video shows a much more turbulent world with changing weather patterns in 2007 and 2008 summer blasting away at the south west corner of the ice. Ive watched it 20 times at least, noticing cloud patterns (causing lower ice levels), winds, water currents and all kinds of different things. Im not so sure anymore that were seeing a consistent decline to polar bear doom, with this kind of variance it might just be everyday noise.

Note that despite some mainstream media reports, our Arctic Sea ice has not melted away, but comes back every year as it has done for millennia..This is the normal season cycle.

But that's not really addressing the question of long-term trends that I can tell. There's a lot of variance over the course of each year, yes, and variance from year to year too, but the annual variance makes it hard to see what the long-term trend might be. Sorry, I can't figure out what his argument is, especially since I'm not sure how he's defining "anomaly" so that I don't know what he's plotting.