Comment: Liberty benefits all honset people.

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Liberty benefits all honset people.

The only people who liberty is a detriment to are those who wish to control others through violence. Yes, liberty benefits, and is desirable to, all honest people, regardless of race, creed, or language spoken.

Idi Amin and Pol Pot were not white, but Hitler, Stalin, and FDR were. The fruits of majority white rule are quite mixed, as are those of all races. It is mostly white people who have brought us war, genocide (the real kind, actually killing off of many of a particular race), taxes, inflation, economic stagnation, unemployment, corrupted, sold out "science," and slavery. Does that mean white people are invariably evil? No, no more nor less than any other race.

Genetics is not destiny. We all have free will. Perhaps the reason many people of color in this country tend toward statism is that people like you taint the liberty movement, making them believe that the liberty movement is hostile to their well being. Think what would happen to the way immigrants' political views were shaped if everyone in the liberty movement embraced true liberty and the free market for immigrants, instead of hypocritically singling them out, and advocating socialism on this one issue.

You reap what you sow my friend. Preaching peace and liberty, EXCEPT FOR IMMIGRANTS, can only bring enmity between them and ourselves, for they can see the dripping hypocrisy.