Comment: Was your friend referring to Romans 13 perhaps?

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Was your friend referring to Romans 13 perhaps?

If so, Pastor Chuck Baldwin has an excellent article on this exact issue.

It's probably here on DP somewhere, but I'm sure it's not hard to find on the net, or on his site.

As for "submitting to authority" and "following the laws" in a general sense, I don't know of many libertarians that would disagree there. A libertarian is NOT an anarchist. Perhaps your friend was confusing the two.

Libertarians believe in maximum freedom, but we don't believe in absolutely no government, only that the ONLY purpose of government is to protect our freedom - nothing more.

In relative terms, we may seem like anarchists, but the reason anarchy is deemed to be "bad" by anyone is NOT because anarchist don't want services provided by government (though they don't) but because an absence of government results in a situation where a significant amount of time in your life is spent defending your life, liberty, and property.

Thus, where people truly disagree with anarchists - they AGREE with libertarians.

Where most disagree with libertarians is NOT on the existence of government, but rather they think government should control your life, rather than create a framework that protects it and otherwise leaves you alone.