Comment: "Global average temperature" is a useless statistic

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"Global average temperature" is a useless statistic

It measures nothing of importance or applicability.

It can't practically be acted upon or influenced.

It doesn't "tell" you anything about climate.

Climate is NOT global - it is local.

And to top ALL of that off, ALL data so far on "average global temperature" is ADULTERATED and FRAUDULENT.

Thus, any 'scientist' relying on it is a pure loon that I'm not going to place any stock in.

IF, big IF, you can manage to collect some REAL and unadulterated and manipulated data showing a temperature rise in MY area, or better yet in ALL areas of the planet (not just an average) THEN and ONLY THEN might I even pay attention, and even then, more in the sense of how to cope with it and what it might mean.

I place zero stock, at least at this time, on any temperature rise being even remotely the "fault" of humans, or even within our capacity to lower it even a smidgen, until your so-called "scientists" seriously address that giant FIRE BALL in the sky which any kid who paid the slightest attention in high school knows drives our weather.