Comment: I'm a craft beer fan

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I'm a craft beer fan

I like to sample different brews. I've noticed many of the craft beer brands note organic ingredients in their marketing materials... and almost all of the European beers are made to centuries-old standards which require specific varieties of untainted ingredients.

I'm a fan of ales... particularly nutty brown ales. recently digging on Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar (out of Oregon I believe) and Avery Brewery's Ellie's Brown Ale (out of Colorado).

I'm In Kansas (just outside of KC) and there are a couple great breweries here too. I particularly like Boulevard brewery's farmhouse ales (out of KCMO) and Free-State Brewery in Lawrence KS has some good stuff too. I like the Ad Astra Ale.

When it comes to European stuff Paulaner is fantastic, particularly the Salvator Double Bock.

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