Comment: May I share a story related to this?

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May I share a story related to this?

I was the terminal maintenance Manager for a very large trucking company. We had terminals across the Country and I ran the one in Az.

My boss was in charge of the whole western half of the continental U.S. (Although we released a Qualcomm on a balloon one time and it almost made it to Hawaii, So he claimed that too) It drove the dispatchers following it by satellite crazy, Lol

He was second in chain of command in this company. Turns out he was a retired NY police detective and was a gun nut. So being in Az and loving guns he let us bring them to work and put them away in a responsible manner, Techs, Drivers and All.

At this time Az had not yet passed the Right to Conceal carry yet so open carry was still cool. So I had one tech that insisted that he was allowed to carry a Snub nosed 38 in the small of his back in his pants and belt with no holster. My boss told me it was cool.

I explained it was an accident waiting to happen, but with no success because they were good drinking buddies. So one day He got a call on the intercom to get his ass out and chase me down because I was needed right away.

So he took off running across the shop to the end bay door and his 38 fell out of the back of his pants. Yep, he had just shot himself in the ass with it when it hit the floor, It was STUPID.

Ending result? Corporate came around and shut us all down and no longer were firearms allow on the property. Now keep in mind this was a private entity, and not a Government entity but the results are always the same when things like this happen.

For every action there WILL be an opposite and equal reaction. Simple Physics and common sense. HANDLE FIREARMS WITH RESPONSIBLY, OR WE WILL ALL PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKE.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.