Comment: No it doesnt. Let me give

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No it doesnt. Let me give

No it doesnt. Let me give you an example. I think I know whats best for you when it comes to smoking. If you smoke, I think you're an idiot. You are paying the government to kill you slowley. There is no sane reason to smoke and I think the world would be better off if no one smoked cigarettes.


In no way do I support any law telling you you can't smoke. It is your right to smoke until you are a grey husk coughing up blood. Have at it.

Having opinions does not make you socialist. It makes you opinionated. The guy with all the downvotes didn't say a single thing to even suggest he wanted to outlaw beer. It is a gross prejudgment to assume that because he doesn't like alcohal somehow means he is socialist. There are TONS of things libertarians hate, and they are as varied as we are. The one thing we all have in common is that we aren't trying to use the club of government to deprive others of the freedom to make stupid choices.

Personally I love beer. What I hate is people who take any opinion anyone ever states where they put forward an opinion, and then calls them a collectivist/socialist/facist. Everyone has opinions and EVERYONE thinks they know what is best for everyone about something.