Comment: A New Definition of Logic

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A New Definition of Logic

First, Answering some points from others:
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1) Yes, logic requires evidence. Everyone already knew that. It also requires Faith - which is what the entire post is about. And you didn't respond to any of the points made.

2) Something from nothing is BY DEFINITION illogical. There's no evidence for it ANYWHERE. Further, it IS more illogical to say the Universe came from nothing than it is to say God came from nothing. The Physical Universe and God work on different levels and adhere to different Laws. For instance, Energy can neither be created nor destroyed -- however physical objects BLINK in and out of existence all the time.... or rather FOR all time.

3) Logic doesn't do anything to prevent discovery, false premises DO. Really? An over-adherence to or I would say IMPROPER USE of logic hinders, slows, or blocks discovery all the time -- in fact that is THE REASON we're not all living out our dreams: "it's not logical for me to do x,y,z" "It's too hard to believe" "it's impractical" "it's never been done" -- all these appeals to logic BLOCK the inspired action that OTHER PEOPLE DO FIND ONCE THEY SET LOGIC ASIDE. A story illustrates:

There's a good story about a government body that needed some scientists to invent a jet pack. The Gov. brought the scientists into a room with a tv monitor and a big table cluttered with notebooks, textbooks, and crude designs. The Gov. man turned on the TV and played a VHS tape of a man standing with a huge jet pack on his back. He lifted up, zoomed around, and landed perfectly. The Gov man said: "This was one of our top scientists, and he figured out how to do it -- but he died pulling a stunt and he never provided the complete equations. We have all his notebooks, and all of his things. FIGURE THIS OUT."

So they went to work, and one day they DID build a crude jet pack that only lifted off the ground slightly -- but it was a bona fide jet pack. The gov guy came back in the room WITH THE DECEASED SCIENTIST saying: he was just an actor, but we knew you guys wouldn't work on the problem with the BELIEF that it was possible -- if we didn't do something to help you get over the OBSTACLE OF LOGIC, which like Grima Wormtongue whispers in your ear as you work that it is. not. possible.

Logic destroys the creative process ALL. THE. TIME.

Definition of Logic: An acceptable conceptual leap forward based on previous observation. In other words...

Logic, is Scientifically-Sanctioned BELIEF.