Comment: Not looking at the big picture

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Not looking at the big picture

The planet cannot ultimately cool via convection, but from the Surface to the Tropopause, Convection is the primary medium for cooling. The Earth cools from an Average 15C to -56C between the surface and Tropopause.

There are NO closed systems in nature, only on paper. Unless you consider the Universe closed, and that can be debated.

"As temp rises, the radiation losses rise proportional to the 4th power of the absolute temperature." Huh? Are you taking about the Radiative Transfer Rate? Stefan Boltzman Law? q = σ T4 A

There is not more air at the Equator, than the poles, the air is just stretched out more because of the temp and humidity. It is less dense. You can tell by the pressure. The average air pressure at the Equator is 1 atm or 14.7 lbs/in^2, it is the same at the poles.

What exactly is re-radiation? Is that 'Back' Radiation (radiation is that 'trapped' and emitted back towards Earth)?

Can you point to 1 (or more) Pro-AGW sources that address Convection or LHV?

Not trying to put you down, but there are no closed thermodynamic systems, save possibly the Universe. Re-Radiation, or back radition, means there is Back-back radiation, and back-back-back radiation, back-back-back-back and so on. It's meaningless.

I'm not sure if you didn't answer my questions on purpose, or you simply cannot answer them, but they are quite relevant. You can't answer them correctly, less you show a formidable flaw in AGW. That is why I asked them.

Did you read the EndisFar link? I am the author, if you found fault with anything, I'd be pleased to address it.