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But more important:

than simply knowing about jury nullification is to teach others THEIR rights and responsibilities as jurors. The present legal system allows judges and prosecutors to arbitrarily dismiss any juror who admits knowledge of a jury's right (their DUTY!) to judge the law, as well as the facts of the case. The more people who understand juror's rights, the harder it will be for the government to get away with hand-picking brain-dead jurors.

And when the judge asks you whether or not you "have any reservations about accepting the law as I give it to you," be prepared to lie, if you expect to be selected for a jury.

And judging by my own experience, if you happen to be a registered Libertarian, you will NEVER be selected for a jury panel. I've been eligible for jury duty for 40 years. I've been called up for jury duty about eight times, but never once got as far as a courtroom UNTIL . . . wait for it . . . can you guess?




... until I changed my voter registration to "Republican" (to vote for Ron Paul) -- and the very next year I was selected for a jury panel. I was up for it. I was elated . . . and the prosecutor kicked me out with a peremptory challenge. Bummer. Next time I'll spend more time picking my nose and looking confused.

It's all very well to dream about getting on a jury to nullify an unjust law -- but we should all be aware that the courts are organized so that independent-minded jurors are NOT allowed on juries. Jury tampering has become institutionalized -- it's called "voir dire." Be ready for it.

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