Comment: This thing is going to be another white wash

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This thing is going to be another white wash

Just like “Too big To Fail”. Just this one statement is enough for me to know that the producers don’t get it. Around the 2:12 mark of the trailer Barry Ritholtz states “a healthy economy in when people earn money and goes out and spends it, a unhealthy economy is when they borrow money and spends it” that is just Keynesian hog wash. “A healthy economy is people earning money, save it and lending it out to others that want to investment in capital formation that contributes to an increases in productive capacity of the economy and this increases wealth……period”. If consumption was the engine of growth how come every country isn’t wealthy……all of them can print money and spend it.

I will say the last few seconds provides a glimmer of hope with what Jim Grants states.

If you want to see a movie that is the closest to the truth watch about the 2008 crisis… “Inside Job”. It lays the responsibility at the feet of the USG…….where it belongs.

If you go and spend your money on this movie thats what you will get.......they will get your money for nothing.