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And if I were your boss I'd be looking for a new shill aren't very good at this.

Again, why would THE VAST MAJORITY of the steel be in straight, cleanly cut lengths, if your collapsed mechanism was that the steel got soft like "clay" and buckled? I remember you shills saying to challenges that "fire cannot melt steel" that: "It wouldn't need to MELT it, retard! It only has to lose most of its strength!"

So, the story goes, it gt soft like clay and buckled.

So where's all that buckled steel, which should be heaped like pretzels inside the tower footprints, not cut in pieces across an area the size of three football fields?

Like I said you can't have it both ways, shill. MOST of the steel should be twisted or heat-deformed in some manner. Now ain't it convenient: we can't go back and double check, because you guys sent the steel to China, illegally, to be melted. CASE CLOSED, GUILTY.

Release the Sandy Hook video.