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I do not think this:

" ... must demand our leaders obey the higher law and actually fulfill their duty ..."

can be demanded by the people to legislate the morality of leaders in the same way leaders themselves can't legislate morality of the people.

It seems to me that once you go beyond objecting to a trespass and actively resist that resistance itself, even in a form of self defense, has the potential to become force instead of merely resistance. It also seems to me this phenomenon is observable in nature. In nature, violence seems to occur precisely at the point where a force exceeds a resistance.

If all violence was not bad, some forms of violence would not have to be justified, such as self defense. But they do have to be justified because all violence is in fact bad. In conclusion what I am saying is that once resistance takes on a violent form it is bad but justified by men, whose justifications may not count for much in the kingdom of heaven.